SharePoint Add-in

Why choose the Expert Map Directory for your company ?

Globalisation and expansion make it harder and harder to know where and who your experts are. We have the perfect solution to start connecting your organisation.
The Expert Map Directory provides a fast, accurate and easy way to access the expertise and projects of the entire network of your company. You can find specific skills, past projects, easily contact your experts, share knowledge freely and help each other despite the distance. All of this displayed in an intuitive interface giving a panoramic view of the whole network. - More Details -

How does it work ?

The application is a Sharepoint Add-In for Office 365, allowing access to all the features of the platform at any time. The following guide will give you an overview of how to use the application as a user. - More Details -

How to get Taemana Expert Map Directory in your O365 ?

First, connect to the Microsoft App Source. Then, follow the store's instructions to install the application.

How to configure this application ?

Before giving access to the users, you must configure some functionnalities such as security access, Image settings, Fields to show or hide.
After this configuration is done, the users will be able to consult the Map of the application, and Experts will be able to complete their profile (If you choose to give them the modification access). See the configuration process in detail.

Need help with filling the Expert Map Directory ?

You can fill the Expert Map Directory yourself, or let your experts fill in their own profiles.
You also have the possibility to use our "Expert Interview Service." Our knowledge management consultants will interview your experts to provide you with all the necessary data to populate the directory with a simple import solution.Click here to learn more about this service.

Need more functionnality ?

If you want to include the possibility to communicate with Teams or Yammer, or if you want to get data from your O365 to pre-fill the Expert Map Directory, or even just want to make graphical changes, please Contact us

Security and Privacy

All data is stored in your own sharepoint O365. No data is transmitted and/or used outside of your O365. - View our privacy policy -

Backup and Application upgrades

All your data is stored in a list associated with this application in your sharepoint.
No data is transmitted or shared outside of your sharepoint O365.
Due to this configuration, you're in charge of doing the backup of your data in order to prevent wrong manipulation (Application remove...).
Most upgrades will preserve your data, but we strongly recommend to make a backup before starting the upgrade. If an upgrade must uninstall and reinstall the application, we will contact you before the upgrade is proposed on the store. - More Details -