Why choose the Expert Map Directory?

Globalisation and expansion make it harder and harder to know where and who your experts are. We have the perfect solution to start connecting your organisation.

The Expert Map Directory provides a fast, accurate and easy way to access the expertise and projects of the entire network of your company. You can find specific skills, past projects, easily contact your experts, share knowledge freely and help each other despite the distance. All of this displayed in an intuitive interface giving a panoramic view of the whole network.

An expert is a person with knowledge in a specific field. An expert can be an engineer, a doctor, they can be part of any service or industry. They have a set of expertises such as medical knowledge, manufacturing, project management, etc.

However the Expert Map Directory does not limit itself to the expertises for which the expert was hired. We believe that an expert will have an extensive set of expertises that may encompass further domains which can be useful to the organisation. For example, a doctor may have studied web design on the side, or the engineer may have developed an expertise in Articial Intelligence without his employer even knowing it. And for a given task, like fixing a minor item on a website, the organisation might not need to outsource.

In the case of large companies, especially international groups, the issue becomes even more relevant. If the group does not have proper communication practices in place, a branch of the organisation in New York might be working on the same project as the branch in China. Both teams would in this case be working towards the same goal, without combining their resources or mutual progresses.

The Expert Map Directory provides an intuitive and affordable solution to save both time and money inside any organisation by capitalising on past and current projects, but also by creating new connections and collaborations between experts. It is an invaluable tool for driving innovation and making your workflows more efficient.

This is only a brief overview of the software's potential. The possibilities are many, and the benefits considerable. Save time, gain efficiency, access tacit knowledge, identify vulnerable knowledge in the case of a departing expert ... The Expert Map Directory allows you to have a quick and complete view of all the knowledge owned by a company, and can be the fundamental basis for setting up exchange groups and communities of practice to accelerate your projects and ongoing research.

The application in the store lays the foundations for a more elaborate sytem. As your community grows, the application can evolve as well, contact us for additional functionalities you would like to add.