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Version : 1_0_2_26
 Status Approuved
 Changes Navigation process in the expertise map
In the earlier version when a user was clicking on a map element, the application was showing directly the details of the element and was loading other details on the background of the map as well. Now, when a user clicks on a map element, the application adds details on it and displays a short description in a panel on the left of the map. In order to see the detail, the user needs to click in this panel on the “Show more detail”.Label button changes
The “Select expertises” button is renamed as “Explore the Expertise Tree”. This label fits better the description of this map which allows the user to discover all declared expertises.
 Fixes Bug resolution on link between Experts and their Sites

When clicking on a site, all the Site Experts are displayed but the link between the Site and the Expert is not visible.